Weekly Update, June

Urgent! Sign-up for Tribute to Heroes

This is an all-chorus sing-out but we need you to sign up so we know who will be there and who will not. Five of the 10 seats at our table have been claimed, leaving five available. These seats are $25 /each (this is a price increase from the $20 stated on the form). If you want to claim one of these spots, please respond right away or I will have to release the table back to the organizers. Please make a check payable to the Harmony Hawks Chorus.

So far, here is who has responded that they will attend:

  • Cal Birkey
  • Bob Kerdus
  • Larry Hlavacek (1 table reservation)
  • Larry Aspleaf
  • Tom Zuber (2 table reservations)
  • Ray Smith (2 table reservations)
  • John Hayden
  • Gary Lindsay

Obviously, many have not responded. Please do so as soon as you see this by clicking on this link, or if you’d rather, emailing Gary Lindsay, glindsay711@mac.com.

Rehearsal plan, Thursday June 7

  • 6:30 – BohemianRed, review rep and plan next performance
  • 7:00 – Aged2P, review set for 6/15 Naturalization

Chorus Rehearsal 7:30 – 9:30

  • National Anthem
  • Isn’t She Lovely
    • Quartet activity with “Daddy Sang Bass” (review at home before rehearsal)
  • God Bless America
    • Tag Time
  • America the Beautiful Overlay
  • Love Letters (particularly measures 17-48)
  • Armed Forces Medley

See everyone Thursday night!

Board meets Monday night

The board will convene 7 p.m. Monday night at Gary and Linda Lindsay’s home. If you have questions or concerns, please talk to any board member.

Chorus officers needed

Bill Moss will be heading up the Nominations Committee and begin that work soon. A list of officers follows; let Bill know if you are interested.

  • President, Gary Lindsay
  • Secretary, Wendell Aldrich
  • Treasurer, Al Huneke
  • Past President: Bill Moss
  • Music & Programming VP, Tom Read
  • Membership & Chapter Development VP, Jack Ray
  • Marketing & Public Relations VP, Bob Handley
  • Music VP Greg Koenigs
  • Program VPs: Bob Kerdus and Larry Hlavacek

Dorian Choral Retreat for Adults

Do you love to sing? The Dorian Choral Retreat for adults is a new event occurring this summer from June 29 through July 1. Held on the campus of Luther College in Decorah, the weekend will be comprised of choral singing, interesting presentations, and connecting with fellow musicians. Anyone who enjoys singing in a choir is invited to participate – whether familiar with Luther or not. Visit https://tinyurl.com/choralretreat for more details and to enroll. Questions? Contact Susan Potvin, event coordinator, at 563-202-4492 or susan.potvin@luther.edu.

Plan ahead for BHS’s Leadership Summit

The Barbershop Harmony Society Leadership Summit is a four-day intensive workshop that brings together past, present, and future music leadership from across the world, from all levels of organization and backgrounds.

This year the Leadership Summit will focus on our strategic vision: Everyone In Harmony. As we proudly move forward toward this transformation, attendees will be challenged to identify key elements like:

  • Who are we as a chapter? Where do we stand, and why do we exist?
  • Are we impacting our community and inspiring others to sing barbershop?
  • Have we started moving towards the goal of Everyone In Harmony – outside of our normal circle of comfort? If not, how do we do that?

For complete information, go to this link.

Volunteer of the Week

Like many in the chorus, Lee Freie volunteers with more organizations than just the Harmony Hawks. Here he is manning the bike corral at the Downtown Farmer’s Market with the Linn County Trails Association.

I grabbed this quick photo of Lee Freie while he was volunteering with the Linn County Trails Association’s bike corral at the Downtown Farmer’s Market last Saturday. Like many in the chorus, Lee volunteers a lot in the community. We should celebrate that! Please send me a photo of you doing a volunteer activity and I’ll post it here.


Chorus Update, May 30

Correction on this week’s starting time

Beginning Thursday and for the rest of summer, the chorus rehearsals will begin at 7:30 p.m. and end at 9:30. This is to accommodate John Hayden’s summer home schedule.

The VLQ rehearsals will begin at 7:00 p.m. This week, Aged3Perfection will meet and prepare for the June 15 New Citizen’s Ceremony. We encourage all members who can join A2P for that event to join us for Thursday at 7.

Photo orders

The following should plan to pick up the group photo they ordered in April. Please have a check made out to the Harmony Hawks Chorus in the amount of $15 for each photo ordered.

  • Gary Lindsay
  • Dave Bryant (3)?
  • Dean Beckman
  • Dale Norby
  • John Hayden
  • Larry Aspleaf
  • Bob Handley (2)?
  • Cliff Newman
  • Ray Smith
  • Jim Sjostrom

Attendance important this summer

Check your email for a note from director John Hayden about the importance of attendance this summer. John acknowledged that summer is a time for travel, but if you are in town, please make every effort to come to rehearsal. in addition to the points John made about improving the performance of our rep, we need to remember that summer is our best time to recruit new members. We want our guests to see our chorus at our best each rehearsal because we may only get visitors to give us one chance!



Update May 31

Update May 31

6:15-7:00 – Aged2Perfection VLQ rehearsal

  • VLQ Announcements:
    • Age2P’s current repertoire includes the 3 naturalization songs.
    • Age2P is always open to anyone. Please join us.
    • Bohemian Red will be auditioning for new members over the summer months. Contact Greg at gjkoenigs@gmail.com or at rehearsal to try out.

7:00-8:15 – Work on Tribute to Heroes songs. This performance is Thursday, June 14

  1. “National Anthem”
  2. “Isn’t She Lovely”
  3. “God Bless America”
  4. Rep review: “Little Help from My Friends”
  5. Rep Review: “Lord Listen to Your Children Praying”

Signup for Tribute to Heroes dinner, performance

We want everyone to follow this link to the signup sheet, whether or not you can perform. The dress for the event will be blue Harmony Hawks polo shirts, black pant, shoes and socks.

Photo pickup

The pre-ordered group photo we had taken by Reed Photography will be available to pickup at Thursday’s rehearsal. Please bring a check payable to the Harmony Hawks for $15 for each print ordered.

Summer events announced

  • June 4, Board meeting
  • June 14, Tribute to Heroes Dinner
  • June 15, Naturalization Ceremony, Federal Courthouse (Aged2Perfection will perform)
  • June 21, Sectional rehearsal at homes TBA
  • July 5, No rehearsal
  • July 27, 4 p.m. Golf outing at Meadowview Golf Club, 1500 E Maple St, Central City
  • August 19, 4 p.m. Family Picnic and John & Jennifer Hayden’s
  • October 10, Guest Night

Harmony Foundation follow-up

Thank you for a terrific evening yesterday! I really enjoyed reading through some songs I’d never sung before!

I’m also grateful for the time you gave me to share about Harmony Foundation and to talk a bit more about the successes that our donors are making possible through our Society’s educational and outreach programs.

Here’s a video of a couple of quartets who responded to the question, “Why do I sing?

If you are receiving this email as a member of the Cedar Rapids chapter, but were not able to join us yesterday, or if you were there but didn’t have the opportunity to complete a pledge card yourself, you can join Ambassadors of Song or President’s Council by CLICKING HERE.

Thanks to those of you who signed up last night as well as those already on board – you’re doing more good than you know!

Kyle Snook