Weekly Update, March 25, 2019

From President Larry Hlavacek:

I was contacted by the Society about having dinner with Marty Monson, the CEO/Executive Director of the Barbershop Harmony Society. He is attending the Spring Convention and will be attending the start of our rehearsal, and will then go to part of Iowa City’s rehearsal.

Thank you to everyone who showed up for the Cedar Rapids Kernels National Anthem audition. Sorry for the late notice.

Fundraising at Pizza Ranch is being looked into. Cliff is meeting with Pizza Range staff Monday to discuss this. We would work 4 to 5 hours clearing tables and singing songs. We would earn money on sales and tips. Look for more details.

We are forming a group to develop a show which can be performed anywhere, with minimal effort by the chorus.  The show could be performed multiple times in any number of locations. The show would consist of a mix of a Capella songs from the Harmony Hawks chorus, Aged To Perfection and Bohemian Red VLQs as well as Profound Sound and Timeless quartets. Anyone who would like to be a part of this team is invited to attend. This team will meet at 6:30 Thursday night.

Thursday’s Rehearsal Schedule

  • 6:30 Shows and Performance Team meeting
  • 7:00 Warm Up
  • 7:20 “Down on the Corner,” “Daydream,” “Can You Feel the Love Tonight?”
  • 7:45 Business and break
  • 8:00 Cookie Festival songs: “Love letters,” “Isn’t She Lovely”
  • 8:20 5-minute break
  • 8:25 Tribute to Heroes songs: “You Raise Me Up,” “God Bless America,” “America the Beautiful Overlay” Quartet – need volunteers
  • 9:00 KTWWS

Upcoming Events

  • April 26 – 28: Spring Convention in Iowa City May 2: Cookie Festival in Iowa City
  • June 20: Tribute to Heroes performance

Membership renewal

Honored for his renewal at last Thursday’s rehearsal was John Roltgen. John has been a member of the Society and our chapter for 49 years! John sings bass with the chorus and bass or lead with Aged 2 Perfection. John served for several years as our social events coordinator. John, we are thankful for your faithful membership and service!
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Weekly Update, March 18, 2019

From President Larry Hlavacek

Thank you to everyone who signed up for being a greeter at rehearsals. This week’s greeter is Al Huneke.

Aged2Perfection welcomes new citizens

Cal Birkey directs Aged2Perfection in their performance at last Friday’s New Citizen’s Ceremony at the Federal Courthouse. Singing were tenors Ray Smith and Garth Beatty, bass Gary Lindsay, lead Gary Glockoff, bass Larry Aspleaf, lead John Roltgen, and baritones Bob Handley, Al Huneke and Tom Zuber. A2P has sung at each monthly ceremony so far this year.

Thursday’s rehearsal schedule

  • 6:30 Bohemian Red
  • 7:00 Warm-up (Remember to practice warmups at )
  • 7:20 “Lord, Listen to Your Children Praying
    • Craft
    • Quartet activity
  • 7:40 Business & Break
  • 7:55 Run rep
    • “I Want to Hold Your Hand”
    • “With a Little Help From My Friends”
    • “Down on the Corner”
    • “Bright Was the Night”
    • “Love Letters”
    • “I Wish You Love”
    • “Daddy Sang Bass”
    • “Isn’t She Lovely”
  • 8:20 5-minute break
  • 8:25 Continue with rep
    • Aged2Perfection: “God Bless America”
    • Bohemian Red: “Hard Day’s Night”

Upcoming Events

  • March 18 – Board Meeting – Al Huneke’s home
  • April 26-28 – Spring Contest in Iowa City
  • May 2 – Cookie Festival in Iowa City

Request for help from the Old Capitol Chorus

  • Registration to sort badges and give out information
  • Security during all the contest sessions (these people man the doors)
  • Back stage during all the contest sessions
  • Serve with judges services. Much of this work is done before the convention, but to be on call for emergencies
  • Transport judges to and from the airport as well as to the contest site
  • Host for each competitor quartet and chorus

Two renewals celebrated last week

Wendell Aldrich congratulates Doug Horton on his renewal last Thursday. Doug has been a member of the chapter and BHS for four years, and been a member of County Corridor and Timeless quartets.
Also recognized for his renewal last week was Gary Glockoff. Gary has been a member of the chapter and the BHS for 37 years. He has sung lead for the Profound Sound quartet for 11 years, served as chapter president, and has two Men of Note. Thank you for all you have done for the chorus, Gary.
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Weekly Update, March 13, 2019

Be a greeter

Starting Thursday we will have a nightly greeter who will welcome people when they come to rehearsal. This person should arrive around 6:40 and have their nametag on. I have taken the first week and Al has taken the second. Please sign up to be a greeter.

We introduced two new songs last week. For this week, we will continue with the new songs and run through the entire song. Please work on them this week.

We are restructuring the rehearsal schedule. The first part of the rehearsal will involve learning of new songs and polishing the repertoire. This will be the detail work for the evening. After business and break we will run 5-6 repertoire numbers so that John can evaluate where he needs to emphasize. This segment may be directed by someone other than John so that he can listen and take notes. Let us know what you think after we implement this change.

Rehearsal plan for Thursday, March 14

  • 6:30 Aged2Perfection
  • 7:00 Warm Up 
  • 7:20 New songs and polishing 
    • Can You Feel the Love Tonight – entire song 
    • What a Day For a Daydream – entire song 
    • You Raise Me Up 
  • 7:40 Business & Break 
    • 7:55 Run repertoire 
    • Love Letters 
    • I Wish You Love 
    • Daddy Sang Bass 
    • Isn’t She Lovely 
    • Lord, Listen to Your Children 
    • Bill Grogen’s Goat
  •  8:20 5-minute break 
  • 8:25 Continue with rep including VLQs and quartets 
  • 9:00 KTWWS

Upcoming Events:

  • 3/15 New Citizen Ceremony – Federal Courthouse Arrive 12:45. Red shirt, white tie, black pants, black shoes, no vest or tux coat 
  • 3/18 Board Meeting – 7:00 at Al Huneke’s home 
  • 4/26-28 – Spring Contest in Iowa City. We have been asked if we would be able to help with the event. We may also be the mic testers. Stay tuned for more information. 
  • 5/2 – Cookie Festival in Iowa City. This is a regular chorus rehearsal night, so we would like everyone to represent the Harmony Hawks at this event.  

Membership renewals

Jim (Shooter) Sjostrom was honored for his renewal at last week’s rehearsal. Jim has 21 years of service with the chorus and has sung bass in three quartets: New A Chord, County Corridor, and Timeless, his current quartet.
Tom Read presents Jack Ray with his membership renewal at rehearsal Feb. 14. Jack has been a member of the chorus for seven years and served as Chapter Development VP the past two years. He was part of Country Corridor quartet for three years. Jack loves performing both as a chorus and quartet member.
Tom Zuber, honored for his renewal last week, has been a member of the chorus and the Society for 55 years. His seven Men of Note awards is one of most in the chorus. He has served as a Board Member at Large for two years, and as helped with chorus communications and contest coordinator for many years.
Steve Aldrich, honored last week for his renewal, has been a chorus and Society member for 12 years. He has served as uniform chairman for the past four years as well.
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