Chorus Update, March 12

Ad sales are underway

At Tuesday’s rehearsal we introduced the drive for ad sales and donation solicitation. If you have not yet completed the brief poll Gary LIndsay sent out please do so right away. You can access it at this link. We need information from this questionnaire to help each member be effective and reach his goal $500.

Here are two of the findings from my poll so far:

Forms response chart. Question title: Should rehearsal time be set aside to provide training for ad / contribution solicitation?. Number of responses: 14 responses.

Forms response chart. Question title: To encourage everyone's participation in this effort would you support a goal of $500 per member? Ad sales, contributions solicited, your own donations, and ticket you sell can all contribute to this goal.. Number of responses: 14 responses.

Assist needed for group ticket sales

This from Mary Huneke

The objective of this outreach is to encourage Activity Directors and others who work with residents at area retirement facilities to organize groups of ten or more residents to come to our show. We are offering a price of $10 per ticket for each seat bought by a group of at least ten people.

Here’s how it would work. A Harmony Hawk would visit with an Activity Director and suggest they put our Spring Show on their list of activities. They would then actively encourage their residents to sign up for the activity. When the group reaches at least 10, the A.D. would call me (Mary) at 425-478-4793 between 8:30 am and 7:30 p.m. Monday through Saturday. They will be asked to provide me with credit card information. I will purchase the tickets and have them sent to the contact. The A.D. would receive them and would be responsible for distributing the tickets and collecting payment. Showtix and the Harmony Hawks will have been paid already.

It doesn’t have to be a residential facility. We can work with any group that has a single contact person who will:

  • encourage group members to attend our show
  • contact me and pay for the tickets up front,
  • take responsibility for distributing tickets to the individuals in their group. 

This could be a church group, bridge club, whatever. A Hawk who sells to several such groups will sell a lot of tickets with relatively few contacts.

Thank you,

Mary Huneke, Ticket Manager

Steve Nelson is installed as a new member at last week’s rehearsal, March 8. Chorus President Larry Hlavacek leads the ceremony as Secretary Ryan Ballentine looks on.

New member installation

A highlight of last week’s rehearsal was the installation of Steve Nelson as a new member of the Harmony Hawks. Steve was a member previously and is rejoining after a long hiatus.

Tuesday’s rehearsal

  • VLQ @ 6PM
  • Warm-up (Shenandoah)
  • Alexander’s Ragtime Band
  • Brother Can You Spare a Dime
  • God Bless the USA (work on key change at home)
  • <break>
  • I’ll Fly Away
  • Wonderful Day Medley
  • Happy Together

Off the music dates established

3/22/2022Follow the Flag
3/22/2022I’ll Fly Away
3/22/2022Isn’t She Lovely
3/29/2022Happy Days
3/29/2022Homeward Bound
4/5/2022Alexander’s Ragtime Band
4/5/2022Happy Together
4/12/2022Brother Can You Spare a Dime
4/12/2022God Bless the USA
4/19/2022This Is My Country  (not sure if we will sing this one yet)
4/19/2022Wonderful Day Medley
Above are the songs that we have on the Spring Show, along with the date that you need to be off the music. We need to have everyone off their music as soon as possible so that Chad can work on getting each song in performance quality.

Upcoming Events

  • March 19 – 10:00 –  Audition for the Cedar Rapids Kernels. Please arrive 15 minutes early (like any other appointment that you schedule). Wear your blue short-sleeved polo, if you have one.
  • March 21 – 7:00 – Board Meeting
  • April 8 – Ad and donation contracts due
  • May 14 – 3:00 – Spring Show and Afterglow. Sign up at the table as you enter the rehearsal hall.
  • May 18 – 5:30 – Mercy Foundation sing-out. We need 12-15 singers to sing 15-20 minutes of songs, using songs that will be sung for the Spring Show. Sign up at the table as you enter the rehearsal hall.
  • June 17 – Tribute to Heroes sing-out. Venue to be determined. More details to come.