Feb. 17 Update

Thursday’s schedule:

  • 7:00 Welcome and Warm-up
  • 7:20 Sectional – Roll Out of Bed
  • 7:40 Run Roll Out of Bed
  • 7:50 Business and Break
  • 8:00 Isn’t She Lovely
  • 8:20 Tag – Heart of a Clown
  • 8:25 Daddy Sang Bass
    • Follow The Flag
    • Guard Me Oh Lord
    • Beautiful Savior
  • 9:00 KTWWS

Tag of the night:

Singing Valentine recap

Al Huneke will provide initial results of our annual Valentines Day fundraiser. This will be a good time for your questions and comments.

Spring Show ad sales roll out

At break, Gary Lindsay will distribute ad sales materials for the spring show program. Come prepared with questions about how you can best contribute to the effort.


We recognized Tom Zuber Feb. 6 for renewing his membership. Tom has been a member of the Harmony Hawks for 56 years, one of just three members with more than 50 years of membership in the Society. Tom has seven men of note, has served on the chorus board, as chorus manager and email coordinator. Thanks for all you do for the chorus! Pictured with Tom are chapter president Cliff Newman and membership VP Tom Read.