Feb 3 Update

This Thursday, Feb. 6 is Guest Night

It is not too late to invite guests. Offer, get a commitment and offer to pick them up. We need action from everyone.

Songs: Have these ready to work on

  • Alexander’s Ragtime Band
  • Daddy Sang Bass
  • Guard Me Oh Lord
  • Isn’t She Lovely
  • Let Me Call You Sweetheart (tag-team quarteting)
  • Toyland

Valentines Quartets

Plea: In order to form a fourth quartet for Friday, I need to find a bass and tenor. Please let me know as soon as possible that you are available to sing. We have three quartets for both Friday and Saturday.

Naturalization Ceremony

We need to provide the number of singers for the Naturalization Ceremony on February 14. Please reply to [email protected] to let us know. Thank you.

Strategic Plan

We rolled out the strategic plan at rehearsal on Thursday. Attached you will find the one-page handout and the complete strategic plan. There are still a few holes in the complete plan, but it is important for you to see the plan document. As mentioned at rehearsal, team leads are still needed for a few of the tactics listed in the handout. These leads will form a team who will address the tactic and create a report for the Board, stating the progress of the tactic. Please consider being one of the leads, and let Larry H know which one you will guide.

Our strategic plan is not complete without the contributions of every chorus member. Please find the areas above that you can best contribute to, and notify Cliff Newman ([email protected]).