Jan. 21, 2020

Recognition banquet held

Past president Larry Hlavacek introduced the 2020 Harmony Hawks Board members at the annual Recognition Banquet held at the Cedar Rapids Country Club Friday, Jan. 17. From left they are Bill Moss board member at large, Larry past president and Music & Program VP, Cliff Newman president, Al Huneke treasurer, and Gary Lindsay marketing & public relations VP. Unable to be present were Tom Read, at large VP and Wendel Aldrich secretary. Photo by Linda Lindsay.

Rehearsal plans for Jan. 23, 2020

 Music we will work on:

  •  Beautiful Savior
  • Daydream
  • Alexander’s Ragtime Band
  • I Believe
  • Please Don’t Take My Sunshine Away – Tag  see attachment

 Upcoming events:

  •  Feb. 6: Guest night.  Please try to bring at least one guest.
  •  Feb. 14: Singing Valentines. Sell valentines to all of your friends.  They can order them on the Harmony Hawks website.  If you would like to sing in a quartet for Valentines day, contact Larry Hlavacek.
  •  Feb. 14: New Citizen Ceremony.  If you aren’t singing Valentines, please sing for the new citizens.
  •  May 9: Spring Show

Individual awards presented at the banquet

Past president Larry Hlavacek presented the first of his awards to George Grovert for taking the lead in helping Dave Bryant safely participate in chorus rehearsals. George said that many others helped with that.
Larry’s second president’s award went to Larry Aspleaf for taking the lead in creating and ordering jackets for the chorus and partially underwriting the cost for those.
President's award 3
Larry’s third award went to Gary Lindsay for his designing and ordering new promotional tee shirts for the chorus.
Past president Larry Hlavacek presented a slide show honoring Dave Bryant for his long service with the chapter. Dave has sung with the Harmony Hawks for 64 years and been a part of many quartets including Profound Sound. Dave’s wife Karen accepted a special lifetime achievement award on his behalf .
2019 BSOY Gary Lindsay
Gary Lindsay was presented with the 2019 Barbershopper of the Year award by Al Huneke, who won the award for 2018. Al said Gary was selected for his work on chapter promotion and communications, leadership in the bass section and active participation in chorus events. Photo by Linda Lindsay.