May 12, 2024

Greetings to my Harmony Hawks brothers!

I hope you are still basking in the warmth of the afterglow – not the official post show get together – but in the glow of knowing we put on a good show for our patrons. I spoke to many of at intermission and after the concert and all found the show truly entertaining. For some, it was their first, and others like my friend Elaine, her umpteenth! Elaine once told me after one of our shows that the featured quartet was the worst she had ever heard, so I know she’s sincere when she compliments us. You may be thinking that the show had some imperfections, and there were, as there always are, in live performances. Instead of focusing on any of that, let’s focus on all the smiles we saw on the faces of those present.

There were a number of events that conflicted with ours, including proms, graduations, a Chorale Midwest Concert, and popular show at TCR and others. Still, about 250 were in our audience, more than paying our bills for the event. That along with ads and donations sales, the event will help fund the chorus. Al may give a preliminary report on this Tuesday night. 

I hate to get started with thank yous knowing I’ll leave someone out, but I have to shout out the following:

  • Show chairman and Program VP Larry Hlavacek for writing the show concept and making it become a reality. I think we will look back and appreciate this historic event. 
  • Speaking of history, thanks go to Lynda Smith and Mary Huneke for spending many hours looking through the history volumes for material to use in the show and the program notes. Thanks also to Larry Aspleaf for getting those volumes organized several years ago.
  • Thanks also to Mary for her promotional work, helping get our message out to a new audience.
  • Thanks to Chad for his good teaching getting us ready for that show.
  • To Leland, for his work organizing the Afterglow
  • To Al for managing ads sales and paying the bills
  • To all those who sold ads, sought donations, and made donations themselves helping us to meet our $9,000 goal.
  • Above all, thanks to the chorus members who put in the hard work to learn and memorize their parts. 

Our board will meet Monday, May 20 and a review of the show will be on the agenda, so let please communicate any comments you have to any board member.

One more bit of follow-up: If you sold an ad, take a program to the advertiser this week. We will have surplus program at rehearsal.

Here is the Tuesday plan:

  • “There’s a Meetin Here Tonight”
  • “Armed Forces”
  • “Battle Hymn of the Republic” (available on the website)
  • Director’s choice