November 12, 2023

Gospel Concert

What a great concert last Friday. We started the concert off with probably our best performance of Run, Run, Run! And we ended it with a beautiful rendition of Armed Forces Medley. In between we had fantastic guest performers and a few of our songs scattered in.  Attendance was wonderful and the donations were great. We will give you more feedback and results as they come in.

I would like to thank everyone who worked hard on the songs because it showed when we performed them. Thanks also go to the Gospel Concert Committee, and all who helped before, during and after the event. And thanks to Chad for pushing us hard to make us better performers and musicians.

Monday Board Meeting

  • Meeting at 7:00 Monday
  • Location: Mary & Wendell Aldrich home
  • Attendees: Current board and 2024 board (and any chorus members who wish to attend)
  • See the email from Wendell (on 11/7) with the materials for the meeting

Tuesday Plan

  • Bring your Yuletide Favorites book if you have one
  • Bring any of the other Christmas music you may have
  • Carol of the Bells (we will bring this Tuesday)

Upcoming Events

  • November 13 – Board Meeting including new members
  • December 2 – Possible caroling at Church of Jesus Christ Latter-Day Saints NEW! (some time between 11AM & 7PM)
  • December 4 – Rockwell Collins Retiree Luncheon sing out (at The Hotel at Kirkwood) (Sing at 1:00)
  • December 14 – Brain Injury group sing out (at Indian Creek Nature Center) (Sing at 1:00)