October 21, 2023


We will rehearse on Monday, October 30 instead of Tuesday, October 31 (Halloween), same time. We cannot afford to skip any rehearsals so it is imperative that you attend this rehearsal.


We are still holding sectionals prior to our weekly meetings in preparation for our Gospel Concert. Chad will start these at 6:00 for those able to attend. Please make an effort to attend your section’s week.

This week: Leads

Gospel Concert

There are only 2 full rehearsals left before the Gospel Concert. We are not ready to perform the songs at the concert. You should know where you need to improve, and I have included some areas that also need improvement right below this.

  • There’s a Meetin’ Here Tonight
    • We will NOT sing this on the concert, but work on it for later use
  • Run, Run, Run
    • Basses: Learn when to start the bass solo and learn the words
    • Everyone: Learn verse 4 (beginning with pickup to measure 49)
  • It Is Well
    • This is pretty good
    • Remember that most of the song is on 4 measure breaths
  • I Believe
    • Keep the lyrics as you would speak them on the first page and then again starting in measure 25
    • Notes are pretty good
    • Confirm you know the order of the verses
  • I Asked the Lord
    • Think high to keep the pitch up
    • Four-measure phrases
    • Make sure to follow Chad for dynamics
  • Precious Lord
    • Keep the pitch up!
    • After 1st verse jump to second ending
    • Work on the key change at the second ending
    • Song is pretty good
  • Armed Forces Medley
    • Leads: Work on the notes in the first 4 measures
    • All: Follow Chad on the tempo changes

Tuesday Plan

  • Run, Run, Run
  • It Is Well
  • I Believe
  • I Asked the Lord
  • Precious Lord
  • Armed Forces Medley

Upcoming Events

November 10 – Gospel Concert
November 13 –Board Meeting including new members