Update, Feb 24

Reminder: Contact your ad customers this week

Last week at break those who have sold ads in the past were given a list of their customers and copies of this years contract. Gary Lindsay asked that they contact at least five of their past customers to make an appointment to come in to discuss this year’s sale.

Those who haven’t sold ads in the past should contact Gary to indicate they want to help. He will help you develop a list of possible sales customers. We have quite a list of those who previously bought ads who have not recently been contacted.

Off-the-music dates set

  • Alexander’s Ragtime Band – March 5
  • Toyland – March 19
  • All other songs – March 26

Please work hard to be able to meet these dates. It is important that we focus on improving our singing and the choreography for the show, not learning the notes.

Show costume planned

If you have not given Gary your shirt size for the toy soldier outfit for the show, be sure to let him know.  You should order a size larger than you normally wear since you will have your tux shirt under it.


We celebrated the renewal of Jim (Shooter) Sjostrom last Thursday. Jim has been a member of the society and the chorus for 22 years. He has also sung the base part for three quartets in this time, New A Chord, County Corridor, and his current quartet, the optimistically named Timeless. Thank you Jim for all you do for the chorus.

Thursday’s Rehearsal Plan

7:00Welcome and Warm-up
7:20Singer riser placement and beginning choreography
7:40Alexander’s Ragtime Band
8:00Business and Break
8:15Roll Out of Bed