Update for May 16

A personal reflection on Saturday’s show

From Gary Lindsay, webmaster.

Those who saw me studying my music up to show time Saturday and at intermission might have already concluded that I did not feel totally ready to perform all our music. I had misgivings, some serious ones, and I don’t think I was alone in that. This was not the first time I have felt that, but I have learned that this feeling is not one to share before the show with chorus members and especially with audience members. We all need to feel and look confident. You have to be an actor to be a singer, at times.

This concert was especially important. Not only was it crucial for rebuilding our audience after the pandemic pause, but I had three audience members were especially in mind: my 94-year-old mother and my two best friends from Sacramento for whom this would be their first barbershop experience. (This was also the first time I had performed as a quartet member, so I also wanted that to go well.)

In the lobby at intermission, I was so happy to see the smiles on the faces of those I talked to who raved about how good the chorus sounded. Universally, they were loving the show! That response continued after the show and at the afterglow. My Sacramento friends couldn’t get enough of the experience, and they especially loved singing along on the tags. Of course, Mom loved it, too, but then, she’s my mom.

Also on my mind Saturday afternoon was that we were missing a woman who might have been the Harmony Hawks best fan, my sister-in-law Aljean Smith. She and her husband Ed never missed a show in the 20+ years that I’ve been a member, and they often brought carloads of their friends with them all the way from Montrose in southeastern Iowa. Aljean has been battling an aggressive cancer this year, and I hoped she could attend for what would probably be her last concert.  Last Valentines Day, the Forget-Me-Notes were able to stop in and deliver a singing Valentine to her on our way back for a gig in Keokuk. She said it was “the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me.”  Sadly, she had taken a turn for the worse last Friday, and she passed away yesterday.

Here is what I think: What we do as a chorus is very important. When we perform well, our music touches our audience and moves them in ways nothing else can. We owe it to them to do our best and to keep this art form going. Let’s remember that as we continue to build our chorus and learn our music and improve our own singing.

I am proud to be a Harmony Hawk, and it’s great to be a barbershopper!

President’s reflection

From Larry Hlavacek, What a great way to get back into performing! Saturday’s show was fantastic. I have heard many positive comments and I have been told by many of you that you have also heard nothing but positive comments. You all came through with learning music, performing and singing to the best of your abilities. The afterglow was a lot of fun; hearing Profound Sound again, and each of the performing quartets! After the majority of people left we had a few who stuck around to sing tags with Tapestry. It was great to have Nate from Tapestry teach the tags during and after the afterglow.

We had 245 people in attendance. About 170 seats were sold in advance and 75 were sold at the door.

I would like to recognize several people. First off is Barb and Tom Read as the show chairpersons. Without their efforts the show could not have been as good as it was. Sorry that Tom was not able to participate Saturday. Gary Lindsay did a fantastic job in the design and production of the program, and in promoting the show online and in social media. The cover was very “Happy” and was perfect. Leland Freie’s, and probably Valerie’s, organizing and coordinating of the afterglow let us eat well and celebrate the success of the show.

Mary Huneke was a big help with ticket sales. She had to “sell” all the tickets for the group discount and answer many questions. Thank you Mary! Al Huneke also did great work keeping track of the ad sales and making sure they were correctly listed in the program. Cal Birkey again coordinated our postcard mailing, which might be our most effective promotion.

Morning Sun quartet performed “Prayer of the Children” the best they ever did. And not to be shown up by Morning Sun, the VLQ did a great job singing “Yes, Indeed.” Thank you’s go out to each of these performers, you made the show. And weren’t the girls from Prairie spectacular, having rehearsed only since May 1!

I would also like to thank Bill Moss for his efforts in advertising and donations. He goes above and beyond all other chorus members almost combined. Cal Birkey and Gary Lindsay also had significant sales. All ads and donations met our goal.

And last, but not least, Chad Knipfer and Oakley Lyon need tremendous kudos. They were able to tell us what they wanted and needed from us to make our songs performance-ready. Their direction has been stellar and we are blessed to have them as our directors.

I know I have missed people who also had a lot to do with the production of the show, and I apologize for that.

Tuesday Plan

Remember to reach out to people you have invited to Guest Night and remind them that it is Tuesday. If necessary, offer to pick them up and bring them to rehearsal. If you volunteered to bring treats or beverage please bring them and set them on the table we will have set up.

  • Welcome, The Old Songs and warmup
  • Chad Chorus Intro.
  • Show follow-up items (brief)
  • Star Spangled Banner
  • Tag(s) from the list of Tags Below
  • Introduce Guests


  • Sing for Guests
  • PoleCats from Polecat 1 book
  • America The Beautiful with Overlay
  • Select tag(s)









Upcoming Events

  • May 18 – Mercy Foundation Sing-out (6 people) CANCELED
  • May 30 – Cedar Memorial Memorial Day performance
  • June 17 – Tribute to Heroes (Friday)
  • August 2 – Kernel’s National Anthem sing out
  • October 6-9 – CSD Fall Convention  
  • November 11 – Gospel Concert (tentative)