Update, June 22

From John Hayden

Harmony Hawks Chorus I wanted to take a chance to thank all of you for putting in time and effort with regard to our Zoom rehearsals. I know those are not an ideal situation, but I appreciate people trying, and I think some good things have happened!! 

I also want to share with you that beginning July 6 I will become the front line director of the Iowa City Metro Mix Chorus. I’ll be rehearsing with them, remotely, every Monday night, and eventually back in person. In addition, I’ll continue with our rehearsal schedule as we prepare for our November Gospel Concert.  I’m looking forward to this new challenge and wanted you guys to be the first to know what was happening.

Oops, we buried the lead

Finally, and VERY importantly, THIS THURSDAY 7:00-8:00 Is an ALL CHORUS ZOOM AFTERGLOW!! Why??? Because the Barbershop Harmony CEO Marty Monson will be joining us! For one hour we will have a chance to enjoy a drink of your choice, some snacks and some great stories from Marty. He’ll also be talking about the Covid situation, and happy to take any and all questions. (Feel free to email me questions ahead of time, it might make things move along quicker)

The theme for this night will be MOVIE NIGHT. That could be a costume, a background , and snack/drink choice, a funny story about when you went to a certain movie, or only speaking in quotes from movies😂!

Have a great day and we’ll see you on Zoom this week!!

John Hayden

From Larry Hlavacek:

I would like to let everyone know that the tenors have been stellar in attending the weekly sectional rehearsals. They have been 100% at the rehearsals. So as you can see, there is room for improvement for every other section. These sessions have been helpful and it gives us the ability to keep in touch and stay fresh with each song. I would like to thank John for giving up two nights each week to work with us.

Continuing this week we will be revisiting vocal techniques and vocal exercises/warm ups. We’ll then concentrate on one song. Here is the schedule for the upcoming weeks.

  • June 23: America
  • June 30: No sectionals this week (John selling fireworks)
  • July 7: Guard me
  • July 14: Can You Feel the Love
  • July 21: I Believe and Beautiful Savior
  • July 28: No sectionals this week

Gospel Concert Songs:

  • “I Believe”
  • “Beautiful Savior”
  • “Can You Feel the Love Tonight?”
  • “Guard Me, Oh Lord”
  • “The Old Account was Settled”
  • “America the Beautiful / America Overlay”

Links for Zoom rehearsals

Tuesday: Lead / Tenor : https://zoom.us/j/3980509623?pwd=L1ZER3FhelFVWDNNTGgwdG5XSUNrQT09

Thursday: Baritone / Bass: https://zoom.us/j/3980509623?pwd=L1ZER3FhelFVWDNNTGgwdG5XSUNrQT09


Here is Larry Aspleaf’s renewal photo from 2019.

Larry Aspleaf has paid dues for his 39th year.  Larry has served the chapter in the past as treasurer, is presently our historian and spearheaded the purchase of our new jackets.  He has 16 man of note awards.

Thanks, Larry for staying with the Harmony Hawks and we look forward to your smiling face soon.

Wendell Aldrich