Update, May 23

Memorial Day

Chances are that you’ll be staying close to home this Memorial Day. Regretfully, there will be no Cedar Memorial Ceremony this year, but let’s take time anyway to remember the veterans and our loved ones who have passed. Photo by Gary Lindsay, Clear Lake , Iowa.

Board announces important schedule changes

The chapter board of directors met via Zoom last Monday and made some decisions about our activities in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The board was informed by new information about how chorus members are particularly vulnerable to spread of the virus during rehearsals and performance. A link to a webinar exploring that topic will follow this section.

Here is how our calendar looks for the next year at this time:

  • The 2020 Spring Show which had been postponed from May 9 in now cancelled.
  • The 2020 Gospel Concert is our next planned performance, if it is deemed safe to do so.
  • Weekly online sectionals will continue with the goal of working on repertoire and Gospel Concert music.
  • We will not introduce new music for the Gospel Concert but may revive some old rep Gospel selections.
  • In-person rehearsals are planned to resume in mid October.
  • When conditions permit we will plan for a 2021 Spring Show.

If you’d be interested in learning more about the factors the board considered in making these decisions, access the webinar at this link.


Gary Lindsay has renewed his membership for the coming year. Gary has been a member for 22 years and has served in a number of leadership roles. He is our current VP of Marketing & Public Relations and webmaster and was named Barbershopper of the Year for 2019.

Online sectionals continue

Hopefully, most of you have participated in the Zoom sectionals so far. Gary Lindsay is gathering information about your interest and ability to access these. Please complete a questionnaire by clicking this link. If you are not able to complete this on line, he will contact you by phone.

We will continue weekly 30-minute sectional rehearsals until are able to safely rehearse in person. The goal of these is to polish our rep and check in with each other regularly.

Each section will be given a 30-minute time-frame for their rehearsal. See the schedule and songs below. If you sing different parts on different songs you can join any/all of the rehearsals.

These rehearsals will be conducted using the Zoom application that can be run on your computer, tablet, smartphone or cell phone. The best way is via a desktop or laptop computer. Al Huneke can answer questions about using Zoom on the PC. Call him any afternoon at 425-478-8204. For questions about using Zoom on Apple products, contact Gary Lindsay, 319-721-0781.

Selections for this week

  • May 26 (lead/tenor) and 28 (bari/bass): “I Believe” and “Beautiful Savior”

Please make sure you are set up on Zoom well prior to rehearsals starting up.

Connecting to rehearsals using Zoom

Here are the links for each night.

It may help to use a plug in microphone as well as an external speaker. If you want to see more about Zoom settings, check out this YouTube video for optimized settings for music.

PC users should be able to just click this link and if Zoom is not already installed, you will be prompted to install it. Mac/IPad-Pro users will also be prompted to install but here is additional information.