Update, May12

Online sectionals began last week

From Larry Hlavacek, “I would like to thank everyone who participated¬†in our ZOOM sessions last week. We had about 20 people who joined into the new method of rehearsing. John provided interpretation and breath marks in the music. He also sang each part so we could hear the correct notes, and he did it well. Several people made comments that these sessions were beneficial.¬†I hope more people join us this week and in the weeks to come.

These rehearsals will be conducted using the Zoom application that can be run on your computer, tablet, smartphone or cell phone. The best way is via a desktop or laptop computer. Al Huneke can answer questions about using Zoom on the PC. Call him any afternoon at 425-478-8204. For questions about using Zoom on Apple products, contact Gary Lindsay, 319-721-0781.

Each section will be given a 30-minute time-frame for their rehearsal. See the schedule and songs below. If you sing different parts on different songs you can join any/all of the rehearsals.

Renewal reviews

The following men have renewed their memberships for the coming year. Thank you for your commitment and service to the chorus. One special note: Mike Short, who no longer is able to sing with us has renewed his membership for the 57th year. Thank you Mike!

  • Duane Scott
  • Bob Handley
  • Mark Potter
  • Ray Smith
  • Lee Freie
  • Gary Glockhoff
  • Mike Short- 57 years
  • John Roltgen

Schedule and songs

  • May 5 (lead/tenor) and 7 (bari/bass): Alexander’s Ragtime Band, and Follow the Flag
  • May 12 (lead/tenor) and 14 (bari/bass): Roll Out of Bed, and Daydream
  • May 19 (lead/tenor) and 21 (bari/bass): Toyland
  • May 26 (lead/tenor) and 28 (bari/bass): I Believe, and Beautiful Savior

Please make sure you are set up on Zoom well prior to rehearsals starting up.

Connecting to rehearsals using Zoom

Here are the links for each night. If you are asked to put in a password, it is Harmony. It is case sensitive.

It may help to use a plug in microphone as well as an external speaker. If you want to see more about Zoom settings, check out the YouTube video for optimized settings for music. https://youtu.be/mEAb4G063sM

PC users should be able to just click this link and if Zoom is not already installed, you will be prompted to install it. Mac/IPad-Pro users will also be prompted to install but here is additional information: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/203020795-How-To-Install-on-Mac

Al Huneke can answer questions about using Zoom on the PC. Call him any afternoon at 425-478-8204. For questions on Mac or iPad, contact Gary Lindsay, 319-721-0781.