Update, Nov. 10

Thank you, veterans

Tomorrow is Veterans Day, a great time to remember the service of many of the Harmony Hawks and their significant others who have served in our armed forces. We often perform the “Armed Forces Medley” to honor these, but as the pandemic has halted performances for the time being, let’s honor them now. Thank You for your service to our country!

This week’s rehearsal

I am sure you have all been following the number of cases of COVID-19 in Linn County and/or Iowa and the positivity rate. This is VERY alarming. I feel that it is not in our best interest to hold a rehearsal on Thursday, so WE WILL NOT MEET this Thursday. I was really looking forward to seeing the chorus and to sing a few songs. I can’t, in good conscience, potentially expose people to the virus. Just to give you some numbers for Linn County residents:

  • 10/18-10/24: 408 reported
  • 10/25-10/31: 1,174 reported
  • 11/1-7/2020: 1,874 reported
  • 11/8: 543 reported

So for this week, let’s take our mind off of the huge increase in the number of cases and practice a little barbershop. Please work on “Old Account Was Settled”.

In harmony, Larry Hlavacek

Director search well underway

Our director search committee has developed a hiring process for our new director. Bob Kerdus, Al Huneke, Barb Read, and Jesse Bunge have been on the committee lead by Larry Hlavacek.

As a result of several meetings, the committee developed documents that will help us and the potential director candidates understand who we are and what we expect from our director. Thanks go to Metro Mix and Barb Read for providing many documents that they created and their application. This saved us a lot of time.

We have already reached out to several potential director candidates, and anticipate completing the process in February.

Our posting appeared in the Harmonizer last week and Gary Lindsay has created a page on our website for the director search. A link to an application is also on that page.


Ted Bey has renewed his membership with the Harmony Hawks for his 49th year.  As senior as he is, only a few in the chorus remember when he sang with us.  Ted has 5 persons of note and is approaching that Senior Member status when as a 50-year member he will become dues free for the society and district.

Ted has a great bass voice which he used on radio for many years. Thank you, Ted, for signing up for another year.

Joel Nettles has signed up for his 9th year with the Harmony Hawks.  A talented baritone, Joel sings with the Road Trip Quartet.  Thank you, Joel, for staying with us for another year.


Sadly, the chorus says goodbye to lead Gary Glockoff. Gary and his wife Kristen made a very quick move to the Des Moines area to be near their daughter’s family. Gary has long been a member of the chorus and the Profound Sound quartet. Thank you for all your years of service Gary. We will miss you.