Update, Oct. 5

This week’s prep work

I hope that everyone was able to work on Alexander’s Ragtime Band last week. I know at least one person worked on the song, and several others who have thanked us for starting this.

As we sent out last week, we are providing you a song that we would like you to work on. We are asking for thirty minutes to one hour of your time each week to work on the song. This can be in one day, or spread out over multiple days. Each song has the learning tracks available on the Harmony Hawks website at http://harmonyhawks.org/for-the-hawks. We will begin this effort with the songs that we would have sung on the Spring Show.

  • If you would like to record yourself and have feedback on your singing, I will be happy to have you send me the recording and I will give you written comments. If enough people want this, I will reach out to other members to help with the feedback.
  • I am collecting updates on your weekly practicing, which is entirely voluntary. Just send me the song and the amount of time you spend.

This week please concentrate on Roll Out of Bed With A Smile.