Weekly Update

Visitor from Scotland

Our special visitor last week was Stephen Curries from Scotland, show center abouve. Steven was traveling to Cedar Rapids for business and found us on the web. Hopefully many of the chorus had a chance to speak to Stephen, and it was great having him sing polecats with us and sing a tag after rehearsal.

Stephen Curries wrote :March 1, 2020 at 3:31 pm

Stephen Curries wrote (March 1 from HarmonyHawks.org): “Hi, you guys look fantastic and are way ahead of the chorus we set up in our community just eight years ago in 2012. Our web site is Sweet-Harmony.org.uk where you can find out all about us. I am lucky enough to be coming to Cedar Rapids with work tomorrow (TransAmerica) for two weeks and would love to come along to your practice on Thursday evening 5th March to see how it is really done. I sing bass in our chorus and in our quartet called Take Four.”

Ceremony singing canceled March 20

In response to the Covid-19 outbreak this month’s ceremony will be for the candidates only. We will not sing.

Advertising sales continue

We have received some completed contracts already, and many others are in the process, so thank you for your work so far. We still have many good prospects to contact so if you have not already become part of the ad team, there is still time to step up. Gary Lindsay is looking for someone who is willing to address envelopes for a mail outreach. This could be your part of the team effort. Contact Gary (319-721-0781) to let him know you’d like to help.

Thursday’s schedule

March 12 rehearsal

  • 7:00  Welcome and warm up
  • 7:20   Roll out of bed with a smile – choreography
  • 7:35    Roll out of bed with a smile
  • 7:45   Follow the flag
  • 7:55    Business and break
  • 8:10   Pick-up quartet/VLQ activity
  • 8:30   Alexander’s ragtime band – off the music
    • Toyland
    • Isn’t she lovely  
  • 9:00  KTWWS

Off the music dates:

  • March 5 – Alexander’s ragtime band
  • March 19 – Toyland
  • March 26 – All other show songs

Please work hard to meet these dates so we can focus on improving our singing and the choreography and not words and notes


We recognized Doug Horton last week for his renewal. Doug has been a member of the chorus and the society for five years and has sung with two quartets, County Corridor and Timeless. Thank you, Doug!

Upcoming events:              

  • March 21 – Kernels National Anthem Audition
  • May 9       – Spring Show