Weekly Update

Opportunity of Peril?

Many of us are finding ourselves with much more time on our hands during the COVID-19 outbreak. As I heard on an NPR broadcast today, this is a time when many of us will develops new habits. Will these habits improve our health and minds or be destructive is up to us. Let’s resolve to make a new routine that makes time for the things that really mater most. Include in this some scheduled time to learn your music better than ever, and master the choreography that we have posted so far.

News from the BHS

After careful consideration of the options and ramifications, and out of an abundance of caution and concern for our members and fans, the Barbershop Harmony Society has determined that the COVID-19 pandemic has made it impossible and irresponsible to continue to host the 2020 International Convention in Los Angeles this summer.

Choreography review

Part 1a – Rows 2+: https://youtu.be/zS4JGg02rlU

Part 1b – Row 1: https://youtu.be/y0OMtoAh1HU

Don’t forget to warmup

As I have attempted to sing through some of my tracks, I noticed that the lack of singing and good vocal warmups over the past two weeks has taken a toll on my voice. Remember that we have these warmup exercises on our Hawks Only page. If we visit these over the next few weeks, we’ll come back to rehearsal better than ever.

Alexander’s PDF updated

I have replaced the early version of Alexander’s Ragtime Band with one that has John’s most recent interpretation. Please use this to transfer the markings to your own copy.

Have you made history?

Now is a great time to search through your stuff for any items of Harmony Hawks history that you might have. These might include:

  • Results of contests, either chorus or quartets
  • Event items such as; installation banquets, singing valentines, show memories, picnic or golf events
  • Pictures of quartets, or any chapter birthdays or any misc. pictures of our members.
  • Try to list dates or names where they might be useful.

Include anything that represents our chapter history for those years.  Contact Larry Aspleaf with any questions or contributions you might have. ‭(319) 396-4606

Ad sales on hold

We will be contacting the donors and advertisers once we know whether our show is rescheduled or canceled. For now, checks have been deposited but we are ready to issue refunds, when requested, once the fate of the show is known.