Weekly Update for April 16

Plans for in-person rehearsal Tuesday

  • Warm up (Oakley)
  • Solfege (La)
  • Shenandoah (sing through)
  • Armed Forces
  • Tag – “Cry” (Chad will teach it – it’s fairly simple)
  • Break
  • Homeward Bound (we did not do this week as folks didn’t have music)
  • It Is well with my soul (Oakley) until 5 til 8.
  • Hawks Choice (a poll of the members what song they’d like to do)


We will be requiring face masks for the foreseeable future. The following are two options for singing masks.

Sew-it-yourself mask. This link to a YouTube video will show you have and a link there will let you download the pattern. This the mask Gary Lindsay wore last week.

Germless N235 Singer’s Mask. Consider pooling orders to eliminate delivery charges. Here is the link.

Tag of the week