Weekly Update for Thursday, Dec. 12

Al Huneke representing the Harmony Hawks presents a check to Dawn Browers of His Hands Ministries Nov. 27. The check for $4,203.77 was the proceeds from the free-will offering at Gospel Concert held November 15.

December 12 Updated!

We will be singing at Lindale Mall on Thursday night. Please arrive at 6:30 at the Food Court. You can dress for the holidays. We will walk around the mall like we did last year. See you there.

Dave and Karen Bryant after the Gospel Concert, Nov. 15. He has been a much-loved, loyal and active member of the chorus for 65 years, joining in 1957.

Dave Bryant Update

I received an email from Karen Bryant on Friday. Here is some of what she said:

Dave is now living at Brown Deer Place in Coralville. We moved him yesterday (Thursday). It was a very hard decision but the right one. They have asked us not to visit for a couple of weeks so he can acclimate to the facility. Thanks for all the help the members have been with Dave. He will always have his music.  Karen

December 15 Christmas at Cedar (Updated)

We will do holiday/Christmas songs. The performance needs to be between 45 minutes and 1 hour. Bring your Green Christmas book, Winter Wonderland and Jingle Bell Rock. Timeless and Profound Sound will perform.

The doors to the chapel will be closed at the beginning of our program. Some folks might show up late. We will be singing in the same space we did for the Veteran’s Day ceremony, but we will not have to maneuver around the color guard.

  • Where: Cedar Memorial
  • When: Performance starts at 2:00
  • Arrive: 1:30 PM
  • Attire: Black pants, black shoes, white shirt. Wear your favorite tie, sweater, etc. You can also wear head gear like antlers or hats.

December 18 Festival of Carols Concert with Iowa City Old Capitol Chorus

  • Concert Location: Englert Theater (221 E Washington St, Iowa City, IA 52240)
  • Meeting Place: Robert A Lee Recreation Center (220 S Gilbert St, Iowa City, IA 52240)
  • Arrive: 5:30 PM (may change)
  • When: Performance starts at 6:30

Attire: Black pants, white shirt, black shoes. Over the shirt you can wear any holiday attire, such as ugly sweater, ugly tie, etc. Also, you can wear holiday headgear.

December 19 Rehearsal

We have the 19th arranged with Mercy Medical. We need to be at the 10th Street Entrance at 6:00. We will start by going to the Hallmar Center to sing to/with Dave Scott, and then go around the hospital.

December 20 Naturalization Ceremony

  • Where: Federal Courthouse, Cedar Rapids
  • When: Arrive in time to clear security check by 12:45
  • Uniform: Black pants, shoes and socks. Red shirts, white ties, no vests or tux coats.

January 17: Recognition Dinner

Add this date to your calendar. More details will be coming out soon.

Singing Valentines

Valentine’s Day is on a Friday in 2020. We will be looking into possibly offering Singing Valentines on Saturday. If you would be interested in singing in a quartet for this fundraising opportunity, please see Larry Hlavacek.

Upcoming Events

  • December 12: Christmas caroling 6-30 – 7:30, Lindale Mall
  • December 15: Christmas at Cedar (Cedar Memorial), 1:30 call
  • December 18: Concert with Iowa City Old Capitol Chorus – Festival of Carols
  • December 19: Caroling at Mercy Medical Center
  • December 20: Naturalization Ceremony
  • December 26: No rehearsal
  • January 2: Do we rehearse?
  • January 17: Recognition Dinner
  • May 9, 2020: Spring Show