Weekly Update for Thursday, October 10

Last Week’s Rehearsal

We worked very hard last week on the rep songs and Gospel Concert songs. I want to apologize for the end of the rehearsal. Instead of going out on an upbeat, my directing had us going out on a downbeat. I have learned that I shouldn’t try to be funny, but need to work on quality of singing. Again, I apologize for my screw-up.

Off the Music

Please work very hard on “The Old Account Was Settled” the next two weeks. Everyone needs to be off the music by the October 17 rehearsal so that John can work the song to prepare it for the Gospel Concert.

Also, a copy of “I’ll Fly Away” is now on our PDFs page. Please download that and learn the melody part.

Slate of Officers and Election Announcement

The slate of officers for 2020 is shown below. Elections will be held October 17th.

  • President – Cliff Newman
  • Secretary – Wendell Aldrich
  • Treasurer – Al Huneke
  • Chapter Development VP – Tom Read
  • Marketing and Public Relations VP – Gary Lindsay
  • Music and Performance VP – Larry Hlavacek (also Past-President)
  • Member at Large (appointed by President) – Bill Moss, Cal Birkey

Music Performance Feedback from John on Rep Songs


  • All the A major chords – measures 4, 8, 12, 14, 16, 20, 24, 28, 30, 32, 36, 38, 40, 44
  • The word “walk” get shouty – measures 14, 16
  • Review the words

“Can You Feel The Love Tonight”

  • Basses – measures 26-28
  • No breath in measures 20-21 and 48-49
  • Leads – make upper notes more lyrical

Thursday Schedule

Greeter: Larry Hlavacek

  • 7:00    Warm-up and Welcome
  • 7:20    Rep Work
    • I BelieveI Wanna Hold Your Hand
  • 7:50    Business and Break
  • 8:05    Tag – Mickey Mouse
  • 8:10    Gospel Concert Work: (in the order of performance, not necessarily rehearsal
    • “I’ll Fly Away” (verses 1 & 3) – attached to the weekly update
    • “Daddy Sang Bass”
    • “If God Didn’t Care”
    • “Patriotic Medley”
    • “It Is Well With My Soul”
    • “God Bless America”
    • “The Old Account Was Settled”
    • “Guard Me Oh Lord”

9:00    KTWWS

Upcoming Events

  • October 11-13: Central States District Contest, Lawrence KS
  • October 17: Election of Officers
  • October 25: Naturalization Ceremony
  • November 15: Gospel Concert at New Covenant Bible Church, 7:00
  • May 9, 2020: Spring Show

Membership Renewal

Last week we recognized Bill Moss for renewing his membership. Bill has been a member of the chorus for 12 years and has served in many leadership roles in this time. Bill has served as Chapter President for two terms, VP for Marketing and PR, and as Board Member at Large. He has also led our program ad sales team for many years. Bill, thank you for all you do for the chorus.