Weekly Update, Jan. 27, 2019

Just chillin’. Our warmup runs went so well that Age2Perfection had time to relax before the start of our performance at last Saturday’s New Citizens Ceremony at the Norther District Courthouse. Twenty-seven new citizens from 20 different countries tool the oath of citizenship. Pictured here are Ray Smith, Lee Freie, Tom Read, Gary Glockoff, Cal Birkey, Dale Norby , Harlan Stientjes, Bob Handley, Al Huneke, Wendell Aldrich and John Roltgen. Gary Lindsay, not pictured, also sang.

Rehearsal plan for Thursday, Jan. 31

A very warm thank you to the 12 brave souls who showed up for the Naturalization Ceremony Friday, since it wasn’t warm for you. Gary Lindsay posted a video on his Facebook page of everyone waiting to sing.

Here is the plan for Thursday’s rehearsal

  • 6:30 Valentines Day quartets rehearse
  • 7:00 Vamp ups
  • 7:15 Polecat
  • 7:20 Sectionals, “I Wish You Love,” measures 1-48.
  • 7:30 Chorus run through
  • 7:40 Sectionals, “Things Are Looking Up,” measures 1-57
  • 7:50 Chorus run through
  • Business and Break, Singing Valentines sales info
  • 8:20 Valentines Day Quartets rehearse for 30 min.; Chorus, “Down on the Corner,” “Love Letters,” “I Wanna Hold Your Hand,” “Bright Was the Night”
  • 8:50 Valentines Day quartets perform
  • 9:00 KTWWS

Upcoming Events

February 14 – Singing Valentines & Rehearsal
February 22 – New Citizen Ceremony

Help sell Singing Valentines

If you are on Facebook or your spouse is, share our Facebook event on your timeline.

Go through your address book and send emails to those who might possibly be looking for a Valentines gift idea. Copy and paste this: Hey, I’m wondering if you’ve thought about sending ____ a Singing Valentine. People love getting these. Here is a link to the order form. Remember to fill in the blank in the above with the name of your friend’s sweetheart. Send only individual emails.

Carry the Singing Valentine business card ad with you to give out when you meet people in social situations. This might also prompt a discussion of your hobby. Be ready for that.

When you are out and about, scout for locations we can place our flyer and cards, and report back to Bob Handley about that.