Weekly Update, July 31, 2018

Rehearsals resume this Thursday

Plans for rehearsal this Thursday, August 2nd:

7:00 Bohemian Red
7:30 VAMP Up – Tempo Exercise
7:45 Brain Break
7:50 If God Didn’t Care (sectional)
8:00 If God Didn’t Care (together)
8:15 Love Letters (sectional)
8:25 Happy Trails tag
8:30 Business and Break
8:40 Love Letters (together)
8:55 Lord Listen to Your Children (clarify breaks)
9:05 Isn’t She Lovely
9:20 I Feel a Song
9:30 KTWWS

Everyone in Harmony, Board discussion

At last Monday’s Board Meeting, we discussed the BHS’s Everyone in Harmony initiative. We will be gathering information on a number of items relating to membership, including which of our chapter bylaws might need to change if we started to move toward coed membership. A second step for us might be to gather information from potential members about how they would view the change, and how our sister choruses in the Sweet Adelines International view it as well.

In the meantime, we are anticipating no changes in our membership model for the immediate future.

Your help needed for the Youth in Harmony Event fundraising

Our fundraising continues for the 2018 Youth In Harmony Event. The Festival is going to cost approx. $2500 to host. We are asking you to consider talking with those businesses and individuals that you’ve sold Chapter Show Ads asking them if they would consider becoming a Sponsor of this event at $50.We also encourage you each as members of the Harmony Hawks of becoming a $50 Sponsor as well.
We are hoping that we can get 50 individuals or businesses to be a $50 Sponsor to support this
important event. The donation forms and checks made out to the Harmony Hawks Chorus should be returned to Bob Kerdus.

Sponsorship letter

Sponsorship Form

Summer events still to come

Signup here for the golf outing, Friday July 27 at Medowview Golf and Country Club in Central City. Costs will be $25 for golf, cart & meal, or $5 for just the meal. You do not need to be a good golfer to play in this four-man best shot event. For many of us, this is the only time we’ll play golf this year! Sign up here.

The Family Picnic will be Sunday, August 19 from 4 to 8 p.m. at Jennifer and John Hayden’s home, near Van Horne. Please sign up here for that event.

Singing at the State Fair

The Iowa State Fair performance is only 12 days away, Sunday, August 12, at 1 PM at the MidAmerican Stage. Barbershoppers from around the State are invited to join in for a portion of the hour for the following three songs which can be found in the Polecat 1 and 2 books:

  • Wait till the Sun Shines Nellie
  • Caroline
  • Hello Mary Lou

If you wish to blend in, the Pride of Iowa will be wearing tan slacks and a black polo shirt, however this is optional.

Pride of Iowa needs a headcount of those planning to attend, so please contact¬† Lyle Schwery ([email protected]; 515-779-8904) if you’d like to join in the fun. Please RSVP¬† by August 5.

Healthy Men Sing

The Des Moines Chorus is also sponsoring Healthy Men Sing, at the Valley High School Performing Arts Center September 29. This event includes free voice lessons in the morning, work with clinicians Storm Front and Vintage Mix and a free show that evening.

T-shirt ideas

Teddy Williams continues to work as our remote art department and has shared these ideas for a t-shirt with us. Please give me some feedback at B&B Thursday. Untitled-1Artboard 2