Weekly Update, May 19, 2019

Please join us for a great night of singing this Thursday, May 23 7–9 p.m. at our regular rehearsal location, the Scottish Rite Temple, 616 A Ave. NE, Cedar Rapids. You’ll have a great time!

Guest Night!

This week is guest night. Please follow up with the people you invited to see if they need a ride to the rehearsal or if they have any questions. You will see the schedule for the night below. Here are the people who volunteered to bring things for the night.

  •  Cookies or bars (2 dozen per person): Bob Handley, Jack, Bill, Larry A
  • Water: Larry Hlavacek
  • Gallon jug of lemonade: Scott Wilcox

Thursday Night’s Schedule

  • 6:30     Aged2Perfection – St. Patrick’s Church songs
  • 7:00     Welcome guests and physical warm-ups
  • 7:05     Hayden for vocal warm-ups
  • 7:15     Members introduce their guests
  • 7:20    A little more warm-up
  • 7:25     Learn a new song along with guests, “Who Will Buy”
  • 7:40     Teach a tag
  • 7:50     Business & short break, break out the cookies
  • 8:00     Video of a top quartet and a top chorus, relax and talk with guests
  • 8:20     Review the following: “Daydream,” National Anthem, “With a Little Help From My Friends,” “Can You Feel the Love Tonight?” “Armed Forces Medley”
  • 9:00 KTWWS

Weekly Discussions

Beginning on May 30, President Larry Hlavacek will conduct a short 15-minute discussion with chorus members following rehearsal. The intention is to develop a strategic plan for the chorus spelling out who we are, what we do, how we do it, and more. He will send the discussion topic out with this weekly update so you can come with your thoughts, and also have slips of paper available if you don’t want to talk but do want to provide your comments in writing.

The first question will be: What can be done to retain current members?

Upcoming Events

  • June 6: St Patrick’s noon-time performance. Blue shirt, black pants, black shoes
  • June 20: Tribute to Heroes performance. Red shirt, white tie, black pants, shiny shoes
  • July 28: Family Picnic
  • August 2 – 4: Harmony College Midwest, Mason City
  • August 27: National Anthem at the Cedar Rapids Kernel’s game

St. Patrick’s Church singout

Date: June 6. Performance time is about 12:15. Arrive 11:30. Blue shirt, black pants, black shoes. Below is a sample script and a list of the songs for the sing-out.