Weekly Update, May 6, 2019

President’s message:

Cookie Festival Wrap-up

Last Thursday was a fantastic night! Eighty barbershoppers, an extremely talented coach and a polished Polecat. Who could ask for more? We could. We had to have cookies. Donny Rose conducted the warm-ups, with a most-challenging drill singing an exercise with five parts, each part a half-step higher than the previous part. And who would have imagined that eighty barbershoppers could make a Polecat sound that good? It was good to hear all the quartets perform and the choruses. You represented the Harmony Hawks well, with your attendance and the performance of “Isn’t She Lovely?” Thank you again for being willing to drive to Iowa City.

Thank you to everyone who helped return the risers to Scottish Rite following the Cookie Festival. It made for a late night for some of us.

Guest Night

We will be holding a guest night on May 23. Please reach out to potential guests and invite them to the rehearsal. We will work on our Tribute to Heroes songs, plus something that the chorus may not be very familiar with, or may be new. Stay tuned for a flyer or special invitation to this event. We would love to have each person bring one guest.

Thursday Night Schedule

  • 6:30 VLQ to rehearse for June performance
  • 7:00 Warm-ups
  • 7:20 “Daddy Sang Bass” “Can You Feel the Love Tonight?” (off the music), “Daydream,” (off the music)
  • 7:45 Business & Break
  • 8:00 Tribute to Heroes songs:
    • National Anthem
    • “You Raise Me Up”
    • God Bless America”
    • “America the Beautiful with Overlay”
    • “Can You Feel the Love Tonight?”
  • 8:45 VLQ and quartets sing
  • 8:58 “Keep the Whole World Singing”

Upcoming Events

  • May 23: Guest Night
  • June 6: St Patrick’s noon-time performance
  • June 20: Tribute to Heroes performance
  • Harmony University, July 21-28, Nashville, TN
  • August 2 – 4: Harmony College Midwest, Mason City
  • August 27: National Anthem at the Cedar Rapids Kernel’s game