Weekly Update October 8, 2018

The guest quartet for last week’s Youth in Harmony Event performs for the gathering of friends and family following the half-day workshop. The quartet taught sectionals, demonstrated barbershop vocal techniques and taught tags to assist lead clinician John Hayden. About 75 boys from grade 7 -12 attended.The Harmony Hawks want to thank the Diamond V Corporate Fund and Basepoint Wealth Financial Services for their support of this event.

Schedule for Thursday, Oct. 11

6:30    Bohemian Red VLQ
7:00    Vamp Up
7:15    (run the contest numbers)

7:22    I Feel a Song

Love Letters

7:50    TAG: Cry (I’m Sorry I Made You Cry)

8:00    Elections

8:10    Business and Break

8:25    (Director’s Choice on Gospel Concert songs. First three haven’t been sung for a couple weeks)

  •             If God Didn’t Care
  •             Daddy Sang Bass
  •             Lord, Listen to Your Children
  •             Gospel Medley
  •             Patriotic Medley
  •             It Is Well With My Soul

9:00    KTWWS

Tag:  image.png

Uniform change for contest

John has given in to some persistent lobbying and has changed the uniform for those singing as Contest Mic Testers to our informal uniform: blue Harmony Hawks polo shirts and black slacks, belt, shoes and socks.

Time to pay up

If you reserved a Convention Registration for a guest, please bring payment to rehearsal this week unless you have already paid. Please have a check made out to Harmony Hawks Chorus for $60 and give it to Al Huneke.

Guest Night planned for Oct. 18

Remember to invite guests to our guest night. We will have a new song to sing and there will be tag singing opportunities. We will have cookies and refreshments after the rehearsal. Here is the plan:

  • 6:30    Bohemian Red VLQ (the following week will be Aged 2 Perfection)
  • 7:00    Welcome to guests
  • 7:03    Vamp Up
  • 7:15    Song learning method with “Tell Me Why”
  • 7:40    Chorus will sing contest numbers
  • 7:50    Introduce tag signing and teach a tag
  • 8:00    Business and Break
  • 8:10    Profound Sound
  • 8:15    Chorus: Gospel Concert songs
  • 8:30    Social ½ hour, tag singing
  • 9:00    KTWWS

Young Men in Harmony report

Friday’s Young Men in Harmony Event was very successful. Lead clinician John Hayden   lead  about 75 young men from Benton Community and Prairie in learning a tag and two new songs. The guest quartet Minor Details from Mason City was exceptional in teaching and demonstrating.

Following the clinic and a pizza supper, parents, friends and family gathered to hear the young men perform the tag and two songs. Minor Details led off the brief concert with a four-song set.

Thanks to Bob Kerdus and Dean Beckman for their organization, John and Kelly Truax for encouraging and enabling their students’ attendance and to Prairie Point Middle School for hosting. Thank you also the the Harmony Hawks board of directors for their support of the program and for being there to help run the event and to lend their voices in support of the young singers.

Thanks also go to our financial sponsors. This support enabled all the young singers to attend without charge. Those sponsors include: several members of the Harmony Hawks Chorus,   Basepoint Financial, and especial Diamond V Corporate Fund who provided a significant grant.

Survey from our Program VP

The board is still asking for some feedback from you about chorus involvement. Please follow this lint to the survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/RS2KT36

Upcoming Events

  • October 12-14: CSD Contest
  • October 18: Guest Night
  • October 26: New Citizen Ceremony
  • November 9: Gospel Concert
  • November 16: New Citizen Ceremony
  • November 12: Board Meeting