April 27, 2024

Tuesday’s Rehearsal

We will be using the sanctuary to rehearse, at least for part of the rehearsal time. Those who would benefit from it might want to locate a portable counter height chair (stool) to use during rehearsal. I have one someone can borrow. Here is an updated performance list:

Show OrderPerformer
DaydreamHarmony Hawks
Woodshed SongDemonstration Quartet
Let Me Call You SweetheartDemonstration Quartet
Harmony Hawks Vintage Songs 
Vigortones Video/Songs 
Lida Rose / Will You Tell MeHarmony Hawks/ What 4 Quartet
ShenandoahHarmony Hawks
Prairie Lights QuartetPrairie Lights
King of The RoadHarmony Hawks
Country RoadsHarmony Hawks
The Choir Boys QuartetThe Choir Boys
Old Capitol ChorusOld Capitol Chorus
INTERMISSION (10 minutes) 
Barbershopper of the Year PresentationLarry Hlavacek
What 4 QuartetWhat 4
Everybody Loves Somebody SometimeHarmony Hawks
Let’s Get Away From It AllHarmony Hawks / Old Capitol Chorus
In The Wee Small HoursHarmony Hawks / Old Capitol Chorus
Daydream (Reprise)Harmony Hawks
Keep The Whole World SingingAll

Ad sales are wrapping up

It appears that we will fall short of our fundraising goal, so if you have additional donations to either solicit or give yourself, they will be much appreciated. It appears that nine chorus members participated in ad/ donation solicitation and another four made their own donations.

Links to the contest videos

Musicality Session

Singing Session

Performance Session