Weekly Update, September 15, 2019

Review of last week’s rehearsal

At rehearsal on Thursday, John wrote notes on several of the songs, identifying areas where people need to focus while working from home. Here are John’s comments.

  • It Is Well With My Soul
    • Bari’s – measure 7
  • The Old Account Was Settled
    • Key Change
    • Tag
    • Rhythms on verse 2
  • Guard Me Oh Lord
    • Tenor’s – tag
    • Lead’s – no breath in measure 12
    • Measures 25 – end
  • Daddy Sang Bass
    • Measures 41 – 48, especially 47 – 48
  • Can You Feel The Love
    • Measure 49
    • Tuning
  • If GodDidn’t Care
    • Key Change
    • Showing excitement
    • Measures 17 – 18
    • Measures 29 – 32

Thursday Schedule

Greeter: Gary Glockoff

  • 7:00     Warm-up and Welcome
  • 7:15     Gospel Concert Work:
  • 7:40     Run “The Old Account Was Settled”
  • 7:50     Business and Break
  • 8:05     Tag – “I Love to Sing ‘em”
  • 8:10     Gospel Concert Work (in the order of performance)
    • If God Didn’t Care”
    • “Patriotic Medley”
    • “It Is Well With My Soul”
    • “God Bless America”
    • “The Old Account Was Settled”
    • “Guard Me Oh Lord”
    • 8:45     “I Wish You Love”
    • 8:55     “I’ll Fly Away” (verses 1 & 3)
    • 9:00     KTWWS

Membership Renewal

Al Huneke was honored last week for renewing his membership. Al has sung baritone with the chorus for 14 years and is active in the Profound Sound quartet. He is our chapter treasurer, a position he has served since 2015. Thank you Al for all you do!

Tag for the week

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Weekly Update, August 26, 2019

Tomorrow night: National Anthem at the Kernals

Tuesday, August 27: National Anthem at the Kernels, 5:45

  • Arrive: No later than 5:45
  • Where: Will-call ticket window (950 Rockford Rd SW, Cedar Rapids, IA 52404)
  • Attire: (change from last week) – Khaki shorts, new jersey shirt. Tom Read also says no weird shoes!
  • Tickets: Everyone who signed up will get a ticket. If you requested an additional ticket, you will get that also.
  • Game Time: 6:35
  • If you arrive late: still go to the will-call window and tell them you are a member of the Harmony Hawks, singing the National Anthem, and they will get you to the correct location.

Thursday, August 29: Details for Dave Scott “Sing Along/Performance”

The following information is from Bob Kerdus: Sing for Dave Scott at Hallmar:

  • Where and When: Mercy Hospital—enter through the east door into the lobby. We will gather in the lobby. Dave’s wife, Linda, will be waiting for us.  Please arrive in the lobby no later than 6:10.
  • What to wear: Whatever you are planning on wearing to rehearsal later in the evening.
  • What will we sing?: Since this is more of a “sing along” for Dave (there will be other people there since we will be in their dining room), we will plan on doing mainly Polecats that Dave knows, like: My Wild Irish Rose, Down Our Way, Honey Little Eyes, Heart of my Heart, Sweet and Lovely. Possibly “God Bless America” and close with “Irish Blessing”.
  • Thanks again for doing this. Linda is very excited that we are doing this and says it will mean so much to Dave.
  • Contact Bob Kerdus with any questions: 319-350-7344

Rehearsal schedule, Aug. 29

Thursday Rehearsal Songs:

  • Daddy Sang Bass
  • It is well with my Soul
  • The Old Account Was Settle
  • If God Didn’t Care
  • Patriotic Medley
  • God Bless America
  • Guard Me Oh Lord
  • Beautiful Savior
  • I Wish You Love

Everyone in Harmony discussion

Please watch the 9 minute video in this link prior to Thursday’s discussion: https://youtu.be/jjA67McYUQw

We are going to begin discussing the position that the Harmony Hawks are going to take in regards to Everyone in Harmony.

Feedback from the August 8 and 15 rehearsals

We would like to get your thoughts about the last two rehearsals with Old Capital Chorus. Please talk with one of the board members or music team members and tell them how you felt. We would like the positive and negative comments. Thank you to everyone who came to the rehearsals. There were about 40 people in attendance.

Chorus Leadership

Have you ever thought about being on the Harmony Hawks Board, or becoming a music leader? How about helping at events? We are looking for people who are interested in taking a leadership role in the chorus. If you have interest in a Board position, please talk with Cliff Newman. If you have other interests, please talk with Larry Hlavacek. We look forward to increasing your involvement!

Upcoming Events

  • August 27: National Anthem at the Cedar Rapids Kernel’s game
  • August 29: Sing-along with Dave Scott at Mercy Medical Center
  • October 11-13: Central States District Contest, Lawrence KS
  • November 15: Gospel Concert at New Covenant Bible Church, 7:00
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Weekly Update for Thursday, August 15

Family Picnic Fun. Sunday, Al Huneke, Gary Glockoff and Larry Hlavacek pause from their grilling for a quick photo July 28 at our annual Family Picnic, this year held at Ellis Park. Many of us chorus members, our families and a few guests had a good time sharing stories, food and some good singing. Thanks to all for the food you brought to share and for those who did extra organizing work.

This week’s rehearsal plans, Thursday, August 15

We will again be holding a combined rehearsal with Old Capital Chorus at Prairie Point, on the College Community School District campus. Be prepared to sing “Can You Feel the Love Tonight”. We will continue to work on “From the First Hello”, “Daydream” and “Happy Together”. In addition, there will be some time for vocal craft in warm ups, some tag time, and perhaps some breakout impromptu quartet opportunities.  We will also probably combine for some pole cat singing to help everyone get comfortable with the sound that is happening.

Please bring your Barber Pole Cat #2 books to rehearsal.

Here are directions to get to the Point Choir room

  • Prairie Point (8015 Kirkwood Blvd SW, Cedar Rapids, IA 52404) is the building next to the Kirkwood Hotel/Convention Center on Kirkwood Blvd SW.  Here are directions to get to the choir room (the building doors will NOT be unlocked—singers MUST come to the door described to be able to enter!)
    • Drive around to the back of the school and park in the east lot.  The Kirkwood horse barn and Prairie Point football field are visible from this lot.
    • Enter using the door to the left of the basketball hoops (there is a door to the right, but it is not as obvious as the door on the left)
    • Kelly Truax will sit near this door to open for people.
  • Instructions for before 6:30 pm (or after 7:15 pm)
    • Park in the same lot OR park in the access driveway that is to the left of the door described above. 
    • Walk up the access driveway (as if you were going to the greenhouse.)
    • The choir room is the 3rd door—the window is very big; you’ll be able to see the group inside.  Knock on the window, and we’ll let you in!


  • 7:00 Welcome and warmup
  • Songs: “Can You Feel the Love Tonight,” “From the First Hello,” “Happy Together,” “Daydream,” and probably others.
  • Vocal Craft
  • Tag singing
  • 9:00 KTWWS

August 16: Naturalization Ceremony

Please click on this link to indicate whether you can attend or not

  • Where: Federal Courthouse
  • When: Arrive in time to clear security check by 12:45
  • Uniform: Black pants, shoes and socks. Red shirts, white ties (no vests or tux coats)

August 23: Golf Outing, 4:00

Please see Larry Aspleaf if you are interested in participating in the annual golf outing on August 23 at Rolling Acres Golf Course in Center Point. Tee times are at 4:00, with dinner to follow. Cost for golf, cart and food is $20. We are checking into the cost if you would be interested in eating dinner only.

October 5: Probable show at the Coggon Opera House

We intend on holding a show on October 5 at the Coggon Opera House at 7:00. Please reply to this message to confirm whether you would be able to attend. More details will be coming, once we know whether we will have enough singers. We would also like to have Profound Sound and Timeless perform. This would be somewhere around a 1 – 1 ½ hour performance where tickets would be sold, with the Coggon Opera house sending mass emails to their contacts to reach out to prospective attendees!

Tee shirts are here:

If you ordered one of the new baseball jersey style tee shirts, please plan to pick up at one of the next two Thursdays. The cost is $13 each and exact cash or a check made out to Gary Lindsay is the preferred mode of payment.

Upcoming Events

  • August 16: Naturalization Ceremony. Arrive 12:45 at Federal Courthouse, signup here.
  • August 23: Golf Outing at Rolling Acres Golf Course in Center Point, 4:00. Sing up with Larry Aspleaf.
  • August 27: National Anthem at the Cedar Rapids Kernel’s game
  • October 5: Probable show at the Coggon Opera House
  • November: Gospel Concert at New Covenant Bible Church
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