Weekly Update

Schedule for Thursday, March 5

  • 7:00        Welcome and warm up
  • 7:20        Beautiful Savior
    • Daddy Sang Bass
    • This is My Country
    • Follow the Flag
    • Isn’t She Lovely
    • Daydream
  • 8:00 Business and Break
  • 8:15 Toyland
    • Roll our of Bed with a Smile
    • Alexander’s Ragtime Band with choreography
  • 9:00        KTWWS

Upcoming events:

  • March 20 – Naturalization Ceremony
  • March 21 – Kernels National Anthem Audition
  • May 9 – Spring Show

Ad sales

Everyone should have received an email last week from Gary Lindsay about ad sales. Please check your email and respond to him as directed in the email. If you did not get that email please email him right away at [email protected].

Thank you for what you have done so far on this.